Motivated by establishing a positive impact, BioBlue applies integrity and superior quality as a building blocks for the corporate culture. In late 2014 BioBlue founders embarked on a mission to positively influence the healthcare industry through Regenerative Medicine and Life Sciences. Since then the Company has evolved and grown into a global corporation adopting Regenerative Medicine, Wellness, Environmental and Blue Technologies and Pharmaceuticals and into the Business Strategy.
BioBlue CEO, Henry VanVurst survived a near death motorcycle accident in his late teens and beat a rare form of cancer twice. After undergoing chemo therapy, he began researching alternative medicine. This was when his thirst for Medical Technologies sparked, becoming accustom to stem cells, alkalinity of the body and unparalleled nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.
BioBlue is out to create a new industry that maintains integrity, having a positive impact on Quality of Life and the Environment. As a by-product of creating this new industry, without antiquated standards, BioBlue projects to create significant returns to its shareholders and early adopters.


BioBlue Technologies, a global corporation providing world-class delivery solutions focused on Regenerative Medicines, Pharmaceuticals and Blue technologies which improves the overall healthy lifespan of our consumers.We continuously incorporate and innovate thru the inclusion of complementary companies and a diversified technology portfolio. This improves the Quality of Life of our Consumers and as a result, maximizes shareholder value.




BioBlue Technologies is organized into strategic business units to profitably target each identified market. Our strategy is to focus on acquisition, innovation and implementation. We achieve this through utilizing B2B, B2C, B2P, e-commerce and licensing to drive revenue. BioBlue clients and customers benefit from our cross targeted platform capabilities. The Company continues to build, identify and execute strategic alliances which enables BioBlue to rapidly establish market share for each business unit.